I believe that traveling with someone is as much based on relationships as it is on skills like navigation, knowledge of the area, and an understanding of cultural differences.

Check out what others who have trekked with me have to say about me and my work (feel free to email them for further references):

We found Tenzing to be a very experienced and professional guide.  He assisted me during my personal trip to the Everest region in 1998, and helped us immensely during our corporate trip in 2000.

He was able to meet us at the airport in Kathmandu and have everything ready.  The hotel and flights were all booked.   He also knows Kathmandu well, and helped us get great deals in the local market.

Tenzing both speaks and reads English quite well.  He has spent time abroad and his knows what people from the west are accustomed to.  His endless source of local contacts proved to be a great benefit to us.

Tenzing was able to take us to spots only the locals know about, in both Kathmandu and Lukla.  He has friends in many of the local villages, and we were always welcomed at every place he took us.

I consider Tenzing both a good guide and a great friend, and would be happy to act as both a reference and point of contact in the US for him.

Mike Salomon
[email protected]
President - Sherpa Technology Guides, Inc.
Lakeside, California, USA

We, my wife Elisabeth and I went trekking with Tenzing in March and April 1997. He is as sensational as the Himalayas itself. It was a great experience and this resulted in an invitation for Dance to stay in Norway for some months, which he accepted. If you go trekking with our favorite Tamang you will guaranteed have a great tout and you might get a friend for your life.

Tom Arne Enstad
[email protected]
Oslo, Norway 27/06/01

Tenzing proved to be both a knowledgeable and delightful tour guide during my trip to the Annaperna region.  As a young woman traveling alone, I was able to rely on him to show me the local customs and teach me what to watch out for.  After traveling with him for 14 days, I felt confidant enough to go one the last leg of my trip alone.

Chika Suzuki
Tokyo, Japan

As far as tour guides come and go, Tenzing Tamang is one of the best in his field. Not only is he good at communicating and getting on with people, but he knows his job very well. You can be guaranteed an eventful and adventurous trek with him, with tons of laughs along the way. In other words, an awesome trip!

Meera Shah
[email protected]
London, England

We met Tenzing last year (2000) while trekking independently to Gosainkunda and Helambu. Tenzing was this friendly Nepali guy who took care of me when I had this horrible headache at Gosainkunda! He was trekking with an Australian Lady at this time. We left this place very early in the morning together. Tenzing took very much care of me, because he knew the danger of such a headache very well. He and Lesley waited many times for us to ask how I was feeling. From this day on we walked all the way down to Malemchy together. We had good conversations together in a very nice atmosphere. What I appreciate too is that we became friends on "a private way". (It means, he was not our guide. He is not the kind of person who is only interested into making business with people). Before his customer & friend Lesley left Kathmandu we where all invited into his home where we had a delicious meal together. We became good friends until today. (still keeping in contact) I'm still very grateful that we met him on our way up to Laurebina-là....who knows what would have happened to me without his wonderful help. Since this day, I keep Tenzing dhaai's address to give it over to people who travel to Nepal with the hope they take him as their guide up to the mountains and around in the country. He is really a very trustable and reliable person.

Simply: the Number 1 Nepali Guide!

Brigitte Gilgen and Tom Schmidli
[email protected]
Solothurn, Switzerland

The round-Dhaulagiri trek I did with Tenzing as my guide in April 2000 was a wonderful experience. Organization and food were great. And we had a really good time. Tenzing was always keen on giving me more information on local customs and traditions, so it made the whole trip even more enjoyable.

Delphine Reffet
Paris, France

I had been Nepal twice.

First time, I had trek around Annnapurna, and second time was Gosain Kund.

Both treks were very nice. I enjoy beautiful Nepal and the beautiful Nepalese.

Tenzing always helped me so I could enjoy the trip in every way.

He is so very kind! Sometime, his song made me happy. Sometime he gave me important advice about trekking.

I like his humanity. You can see him not only as a client but as a friend.

Nao Okata
[email protected]

"I met Mr. Tenzing Singh Tamang in a trecking in the Anapurnas. He is a very nice guide and a very nice guy.

We had a wonderful time with him around the mountains, he was a good friend, a very professional sherpa with us, and a trustworthy person.

"We recommend him to everybody who wants to trek in Nepal."

Raquel de la Fuente
[email protected]
Madrid, Spain

"During my 3-month's stay in Nepal, I came to know Tenzing Tamang very well and I can really recommend him to everybody who wants to have a safe and pleasant stay in this beautiful country. First of all, he is a brilliant cook, which was very pleasant after too much tasteless rice & dahl dishes. Trips become just so much nicer with a nice traditional meal waiting for you at the end of the day! Second, he has constantly shown great care and a large sense of responsibility. He would always give great care to the safety of the trip, avoiding unnecessary risks, teaming up with reliable porters. Realizing that my life was at times more or less in the hands of my guide, I found it a comforting thought that my guide was Tenzing.

Bytheway, he speaks several of the many Nepalese languages, which makes it a lot easier to come close to many of the so-called Nepalese "tribes".

It is for a large part because of Tenzing that I have such warm memories of Nepal."

Linda Hovius
The Netherlands